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Walking Group

Bryncynon Walking Group

They are a walking group for people of any age who are keen to get outdoors, walking and enjoying the countryside.  We offer walks mainly within the local areas of the Cynon Valley but do venture to other locations from time to time.  We meet twice a week on a Tuesday and a Friday at The Feel Good Factory and then set off for our outdoor adventure, often with a detour to a local pub or tea shop to grab a bite to eat.

They welcome new members, if you would like to walk with us please come along to the Feel Good Factory prior to a walk to get to know the group.


What to bring

Often you’ll not need much more than common sense: wear the right footwear, depending on how long or difficult the walk is; bring something to eat and drink; and don’t forget to check the weather and wear appropriate clothing to suit.


Why Walk?

Walking is an activity that is accessible to all, where no special equipment is needed and you can do it from your door step.  Essentially walking is free!

Walking is the perfect exercise; it is affordable, accessible to all, low risk and low impact.  Regular 30 minutes a day of brisk walking (walking with a raised pulse and faster breathing but being able to maintain a conversation comfortably) 5 times a week has been scientifically proven to help reduce cholesterol, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and more.

Taking part in walking, and in particular a group walk, besides the many physical benefits, also has other benefits which are equally important. It helps build friendships and participants get a ‘feel good factor’, all of which helps support positive mental health.


All exercise is good for us, but outdoor activities, whether it is walking, orienteering, cycling or canoeing, have the added advantage in that they take place outside and connect us to nature.  This connection to nature has a restorative effect on our well-being, boosting our ‘sense of connection’ with the seasons and our environment.

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