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Hot Meals Service

Our Hot Meal Delivery Service started during the pandemic, and many community members are continuing to utilise the service, we currently deliver around 130 meals each work to households within the Lower Cynon Valley.  The Meals vary from week to week depending on our produce available, but we always have a Healthy Salad on hand for those that may want it!

What is the Service?

The Hot Meals service is not only a means of getting a delicious meal deliveredd to your door each week, it is an opportunity to talk to one of our friendly staff when ordering.  whether you need a minute chat or something more our staff are always available to assist.

Can I access it?

The Service is available to anyone within the Lower Cynon Valley aged 60+ or for those individuals with additional needs or support that makes it difficult for them to get out.

How Does it work?

Each week our friendly Staff and Volunteers ring everyone that is enrolled on the service to explain what options we have available this week.  It gives people a chance to have a conversation if they want to or to simply order some food.  (There is no obligation to have food each week, if you are not around or just not fancying this weeks options that is not a problem!) 


Once the options have been chosen the details passed to our fantastic community cafe who prepare the meals for delivery each Tuesday, Our staff and volunteers then deliver the food directly to your door!

What are the options?

The Options vary each week, depending on what goods we get from our suppliers. to keep costs as low as possible we use outlets such as Fareshare Cymru to get the best goods at the best prices without cutting back on quality.  Some of our previous options have included:

Sausage Dinners
Fishcake, New Potatoes and Parsley Sauce

Minced Beef and Dumplings

Pasta Bolognese
Cheese and Potato Pie

Plus much more, if the option available doesn't take your fancy you can always opt for one for the fantastic Salad options!

What does it Cost?
We do have funding available to be able to run this service at a massively reduced rate, which means we simple ask for a donation of £2, towards each meal.

What do people think of the service?
Many described this service as a lifeline with it not only being a means of getting a delicious nutritious meal but an opportunity to talk to our friendly staff and volunteer befrienders. 

Want to join the service or want to get involved? we would love to hear from you!

Please contact us on 01443 475120 where one of our friendly team will be more than happy to assist.

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