About Us


"Our aim is for Bryncynon to be a self sufficient community where all ages work together to ensure that its people are caring, tolerant, healthy, skilled and forward looking.- a place where we are proud to live"


Bryncynon Strategy is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. The Board of Directors is made up of representatives from the local community, and professionals. The Strategy has adopted a holistic approach to community development which incorporates lifelong learning, healthy living, building community spirit, developing the local economy and improving the local environment. We acknowledge the need to develop integrated approaches to problems identified, because tackling issues in isolation does not work, as the problems and challenges we face in our communities are complex and interrelated.


To enable us to do this we recognise the importance of establishing partnerships so that agencies and organisations can pool resources and work more effectively to overcome some of the barriers and difficulties.


Bryncynon Strategy currently employs 28 people, many of whom are local, and we work with approximately 10 volunteers. More recently our work has focused on developing the healthy living agenda and supporting children, young people and families. We have a wide range of activities and opportunities on offer.